The current Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) at my campus is only that of the school district’s general policy. It is not thorough or scaffolded properly for practical application at my school. My goal is to make a campus-specific AUP that strategically considers the needs and understanding of my campus demographic, including: age, education level, native language, and reading level. An AUP should be a living document that empowers its users to become effective digital citizens.

To create an individualized AUP for my campus, I plan to take a number of steps, using research steps that include: Gather, Evaluate, Share, Train, and Implement. Information first needs to be gathered about the current level of understanding my campus has about digital citizenship at the staff and student level. Once information has been gathered, it must be evaluated to determine areas of focus for my population. Once the target information has been selected, it will be shared with the campus.

As a teacher member of the campus Tech Team, I plan to introduce information about digital citizenship to staff members through our bi-monthly Tech Trainings. In addition, I will lead a professional development session with staff at our monthly production meeting. Lastly, the information will be digitally distributed through email and available on our campus Google site. Once the staff have come to have a firm grasp on the concepts of digital citizenship, lessons about the elements will be integrated into the campus via the school library. The campus-specific AUP will be compiled from staff and student input as gained from lessons and, finally, presented to the broader school community at its completion. To ensure that all school stakeholders are reached, additional language translations of the AUP will be available.  Over time, students will become more familiar with digital citizenship through a shared vocabulary and understanding as teachers begin to integrate their training into classroom lessons involving technology alongside library instruction.